Boston's Best Hair Color and Hair Styling by John Clark on Newbury Street

John has perfected the hair coloring process, and uses only the finest hair coloring products and to produce healthier hair that retains its shine.  
You can be confident, knowing that looking your best doesn’t mean damaging your hair.  Too much ammonia dulls and damages hair over time.  Unlike other coloring systems, both Framesi and Schwarzkopf hair coloring have a very high dye load and very low concentrations of ammonia — only 20% of the amount of ammonia used in other color processes.

It is also important that the hair retain its look longer between coloring appointments.  Unlike other processes, Framesi blends and retains the natural, underlying color tones of your hair.  This blending softens transitions, even between new growth and colored hair.

Giving you even more choice, all Framesi colors are available in both permanent and semi-permanent colors.

Hair Styling                                 $70
Base Color (One Process Color) $70 - $75
Highlights or Low Lights                  $90 - $100
Hair Cut and Color                         $125 - includes free highlights

Please note:

• Highlights are done with a cap, no foils, except when needed to avoid a bleached-out look.  John's personal technique of highlighting gets color lift closer to the scalp.

• With 30 years of experience as a colorist, John can fix a disappointing color job, and bring joy back to seeing oneself in the mirror again.  For color corrections, a phone conversation is needed in advance.

• John is happy to make referrals to his extensive network in Boston for other specialized services such as perms, hair straightening and spa services. 

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